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Yellow Gold with Diamond Engagement Ring Lost Day after Proposal, Found and Returned Surfside Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

About 4:30 pm on June 18th, I received a call from Caiden saying his fiancé had lost her engagement ring in the dry sand and asked if I could help. I got the address and was on my way. When I arrived, Caiden was waiting in the parking lot. We made our way out to the beach and out to the spot of the suspected ring lost. On the way-out Caiden told me he proposed to Savannah the night before. I got to meet Savannah, whose ring was the one that was lost. I was shown the area and then told that Savannah and Caiden had walked on a diagonal path up towards the dunes looking for shells. I searched the area where Savannah had been sitting and around the area where she shook out her towel with no success. We talked about the path they took, and I got both of their perspectives of where they walked. I started a diagonal grid search going from where they were sitting to where the beach access was from their condo. The ring was loose on Savannah’s finger, and she remembered it was on her finger where she was sitting. When she reached down to pick up a shell on their walk the ring was gone. It wasn’t a huge area to search but it was big enough. It took me awhile but when I was on my way back to their sitting area, I got a solid 10 on the NOX VDI (Visual Display Indicator). For a woman’s yellow gold ring, I was expecting a number closer to 13 or 14, but it all depends on the size and width of the ring. I dug the target and there it was. I decided to make a video and surprise Savannah and Caiden.

Caiden and Savannah – thank you for trusting me to help find your treasure.