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3 lost gold rings found, Highland Shores, Mi

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

Shari was in the water, about chest deep, playing catch with a volleyball. She had caught the ball and then threw it to her son. Right when the ball was thrown, she felt her 3 gold rings fly off, parallel to the shore. The family searched visually using goggles or masks with no luck. They were confident with their description of the loss location. I searched that area for a good hour, covering it in multiple directions with no luck. Being rather tenacious, knowing they may be “off” in their estimated loss location, I expanded the search beyond their area “limits”. Ten feet beyond and I got a nice mid-tone and a thin gold ring in the scoop. A foot away, a double mid-tone and two more thin gold rings in the scoop!
It appeared Shari had lost hope when she left the beach after an hour.
I walked back to their lake home and gave her a thumbs up and said “all three”! She couldn’t believe it and was very happy.