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Lost wedding ring (lost for 9 years, recovered), Lake Manitou, Rochester Indiana

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

Alan had lost his tungsten wedding band nine years ago, in Lake Manitou, Rochester Indiana. He was helping with the yearly tradition of intalling the cottage dock sections on Memorial Day weekend. While he was holding the second pier section in place, he adjusted his grip and the ring plopped in the waist deep water, vanishing in the rocks and soft bottom. Alan had lost some weight due to a medical condition, so the ring fit very loosely. He had no idea that lost rings/etc could be found in the water, until just recently when he stumbled across the Ringfinders website.
After an hour of searching, finding many other targets and lots of glass shards, it was looking grim. My tenacity paid off though, finally sorted out a mixed signal and scooped up a couple rusty nails along with his tungsten wedding ring! The ring had some cosmetic damage from being in the water, but Alan was very glad to be reunited with his long lost ring!