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Lost platinum wedding ring recovered Indian Lake, Dowagiac Michigan

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

Andrew was in town visiting friends at their lake cottage. They all decided to head out to the floating dive platform just a little ways out from the end of the dock. They began playing catch with a football, having it thrown from the dock end and jumping off the floating platform to make catches while mid jump.
Andrew jumped off the platform, made a catch and realized his platinum wedding band had fallen off at some point in that action.
This area of the lake has an “endless” muck bottom, not ideal at all for diving to search for a ring.
Descending slowly, my feet hit the bottom and I continued to sink in the muck up to my waist (tank bottom stopped me from going further). Had to be careful and not push the ring down in the muck beyond detection range by accident. After finding a few pull tabs and a few aluminum carabiners, it was looking grim. I surfaced to get my bearings again (no visibility!). I descended again to make another sweep and got a signal on my first swing. Got pinpointer out, located the target and could feel a ring at the tip, about 9 inches down, suspended in the “muck pudding”.