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Lost Platinum Wedding Band Dock Jump Lake Sammamish WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

Lost Platinum Wedding Band Dock Jump Lake Sammamish WA

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Watch this video recovery of Andy’s Lost Platinum Wedding Band in Lake Sammamish WA.

June of 2021 in the middle of our summer heat wave I was contacted by Andy who needed some dive recovery assistance. He was in town for a bachelor party staying at a lake side rental property. The home has its own back yard private dock on Lake Sammamish. With the summer heat at full boil at 102° F everyone had been spending a lot of time in the water. Andy’s situation was no different, he decided after a cup of morning wakeup coffee to take a refreshing jump off the end of the dock. As he was swimming up to the surface he felt his platinum wedding band slide off is finger. He had a moment of panic then got on line to do a little research on how to find a lost ring in the lake. Thankfully he landed on TheRingFinders.com website and hailed my attention for assistance.

Once I arrived on site with all my gear one of the top two constraints to this mission was the broiling heat and the large down hill pathway from the residence to the waters edge. Both of witch we managed at a slow pace. Being cautious not to get heat stroke plenty of fluids were consumed and the dive gear was not put on until moments before entering the refreshing lake water. Refreshing it was! 

Even though the ring was lost at a shallow sixteen foot depth it was too deep for a typical swimmer to search. The lake bottom in the middle of the summer was in full bloom with lots of organic growth that directly translates into silty low visibility waters. With my trained SCUBA dive capabilities, metal detection gear, PVC search grid and lost item search experience I was able to recover his ring from the lake.

All ended well as Andy was able to be reunited with his wedding ring. He was happy to continue on with the enjoyment of the weekend celebration. There was no reason for him to leave his precious wedding band behind and for this I’m thankful he reached out to TheRingFinders.com for some professional recovery assistance!

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