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Diamond Wedding Ring Slips Through The Cracks Bathroom Blunder Beacon Hill Seattle WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch this video of Kelly’s lost wedding ring eaten by a bathroom cabinet in Seattle, WA.

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This adventure started back in February of 2021.  At that time I had helped our local KIRO morning news talk show anchor locate her lost wedding rings. Out of this exciting recovery effort a radio interview was published showcasing the amazing services of TheRingFinders.com

KIRO News Story:


This piece aired around Valentine’s Day 2021 and grabbed the attention of many people in need of lost item recovery support. One of those that reached out to me was a woman named Kelly. She shared with me that quite some time ago she was at her parents home in Seattle and had lost her wedding ring. She was inside the bathroom and needed to secure her ring. She opened the cabinet door under the sink and quickly tossed her diamond wedding ring onto the shelf, closed the door and heard a clink clink sound. She opened the cabinet door and the ring was gone! After a quick look she notice a substantial crack in the back of the cabinet and knew her ring had gone into the crack. Kelly’s father did as any good father would and got some tools out and made a hole in the lower portion of the cabinet and the search was on but no one could find the ring after much effort and searching. They noticed there a heating and cooling vent near this same area and became somewhat concerned the ring might have gone into the ducting. After all their efforts the ring was not found.

Kelly’s husband bought her a nice replacement but it was just never the same as the ring she got married with. The story seems to go cold and and they basically thought that some day many years later they might have to rip the whole bathroom counter out to locate the missing ring.

When Kelly heard the KIRO new interview she contacted me asking if I could help! Of course I was eager to assist and reassured her I had the proper tools and experience for this type of search. However due to her elder parents and COVID vaccinations just coming on board we had to set a schedule a few months after we were all vaccinated. That day finally arrived and so did I will my tools in hand with an eager anticipation to find Kelly’s lost wedding ring.  

It is important to note that a common misconception is that I am just a guy with a metal detector. In reality I am a recovery specialist and the metal detector is only one of the key tools of my trade. There is quite a bit to be said for my investigative approach in collecting as many details as I can before ever stepping foot on to the site. After a detailed discussion I am best prepared with the proper tools and formulated game plan on how to go about the search in the most effective ways. For in home searches most times my go to tool is a video endoscope. Structures are full of metal and can’t be shoved in the tiniest of cracks. Honestly the video endoscope is an amazing tool as it has helped recovered a lot of lost rings and small items of value.

When I arrived and was introduced to the bathroom it was immediately apparent that the rings most likely fell through a decent size crack. It was also apparent that Kelly’s dad went through quite the effort in busting a hole in the lower cabinet tying to gain access to find the ring. After quite some time and effort with my endoscope looking behind the cabinet, into the walls, and inside the heating ducting the ring was not immediately apparent. Using a small vacuum I removed a small pile of plaster and debris and still had quite the challenge. Then a small tinny glint of white gold appeared in the very bottom of the crack. At first I did not want to jump the gun and get over excited. As we often find other metal items that may look promising at first but turn out to be a dud. After a bit more cleaning and repositioning my inspection camera I caught a side view of one of the prongs and that shine only a diamond can make. I was on the ring now! I carefully tried to pry the ring free but it was wedged into the crack and was not coming loose. Another special tool I carry is a medical grade gripper cable that doctors use to retrieve foreign objects that have been swallowed by their patients. This little crab claw gripper is a precision tool and not one easily obtained in your standard hardware store. With this gripper I was able to get the proper grasp on the ring and shake it loose as if I was pulling a loose tooth. After a few gentle tugs the ring came free from its hiding place. 

After announcing the recovery of the ring and sharing a moment of overwhelming joy I learned that it has been stuck in the cabinet for the past four years!  It never ceases to amaze me even after having done this work for a few years how these rings can find the crazies of places to hide. I will let you in on a little secret thought if you have lost a ring or item of value it will serve you well to find a Recovery Specialist to work your case because we study the trends of lost items and behaviors of people and have figured a few common things out the tend to work to our advantage in positive recoveries. It is true we never stop discovering, learning and being amazed at the crazies stories in how these rings get reunited to their loved ones! 

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