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Lost Ring in Colville Washington

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

So you know that moment when you look down, then look around and then go It’s gone. It doesn’t really matter what it is, keys, your child, your phone, we have all been there. So when I got a text at 6pm last night asking if I was Luke Schlining The Ring Finder, I knew an upset lady named Shailynn was feeling the same feelings. Her intent was to take some nice winter photos for the holidays. However after preforming an action shot of throwing snow up in the air, her hands had reached that magical temperature that shrinks the ring finger. Off went her Fiance’s ring with the melting snow she had just threw. In that very snow that she was standing in, the ring sat. It didn’t make a sound for her on their metal detector, nor did it come to the surface when they sifted through the snow. But as I made a quick grid around the trampled snow where the photo shoot took place,  I quickly discovered where the ring was hiding. Handing it back to  Shailynn was an amazing feeling, punctuated by her mom yelling “He Found, It He Found it”. I now know how Chris feels when the people who hired him are still signing his contract and he digs up their lost ring from right under their feet. As my Dad put it, a good ending to 2015.

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