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Lost Wedding Ring, Recovered, Lake James, Angola Indiana

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

At the lake for the weekend, Ryan was tossing a football with friends in the shallow water and enjoying the weekend. There were a few boats anchored nearby, along with his. It was a nice day on the lake, until Ryan threw the football again and something happened. The stitches on the football stripped his rose gold/tungsten ring off his finger! They all looked for the ring, scouring the bottom in the general area, but with no luck. Ryan took to google, discovered The Ringfinders and was hopeful his wedding ring could be reunited with him.
Luckily, they had taken some cellphone photos and videos from their boat and the geolocation coordinates were enabled, leaving an accurate point of reference to search!
As I suspected, there were lots of beer bottle caps and can pull tabs strewn all around the area. An hour went by, grid searching the area, but nothing but bottle caps at that point.
The night before, I scanned several tungsten rings to double check the vdi range they registered on my detector. Most registered in a specific vdi range, but there were some anomalies with a few, so it was going to be a mostly “dig-everything” search.
After another half hour, I got a clean and loud signal unlike the bottle caps and pull tabs. In the scoop I saw a mens tungsten ring, But, it was the wrong color and not Ryan’s!
I kept to it, some rain was starting and had storms moving into the area very soon. This morning was our soonest window of opportunity to take advantage of.
With time dwindling, I moved slightly outside of the search area, picked up the pace and it was looking somewhat grim. Then, I got a smooth clean signal, vdi number 18, the same as most of the tungsten rings I had scanned last night…. aha.
With high hopes, I reached down using my pinpointer to locate this target. I could feel a Ring!! I secured it on my index finger, then into my grasp. It was rose gold in color!!
Ryan and his wife were watching from nearby and I could tell they had been losing some hope. Going on two hours of searching now, I carefully held the ring up and signaled to him…
Ryan burst into the water, rushed over and was completely overwhelmed with emotion and relief as he got close enough to see his ring, he was in total disbelief that I had actually found it!