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Sammamish River Canoe Tip Over Lost Item Recovery Kenmore WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

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Watch this video of how the Seattle Ring Hunter recovers lost items from a canoe tip over.

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September 2020 a young man reached out to me for some recovery assistance of some lost items out of his canoe. He went out to do some fishing with a buddy loaded up with fishing gear and their cell phones. Apparently the buddy was not so experienced in a canoe and wound up tipping the boat over. Of course nothing was tied off to the boat and at some point as the canoe drifted down stream all there goodies trickled out of the craft and sunk to the bottom of the channel.

This portion of the Sammamish River connects Lake Sammamish to Lake Washington. On this Septemeber day it is very docile with a very slow flow rate. The bottom of the channel is a fairly clean sandy contour due to the flow the visibility was not as bad as it can be in the bottom of our local lakes.  Never the less it was a slower process going foot by foot searching the channel from side to side visually searching for their lost items.

Check out the video to see the exciting recovery process in action. The iPhone having been in only seven feet of water actually survived. After drying the phone and charging, it turned on with no damage to the screen. In these situations I always urge people to take the opportunity to make a fresh back up incase the phone dies a few days later due to the corrosion process if any water made its way inside the phone. At least having a fresh backup ensure a happy stress free transition into a replacement phone. 

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