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iPhone with credit card recovered in Huntington Beach

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

I received a call from Shelly who told me her Daughter lost her iPhone near the fire pits the night before. She asked me how much it would cost and I told her it was no cost for me to search, she thought that was great. I could tell she wasn’t to happy with her Daughter as this was a brand new phone and her credit card was inside the case.

I told her I would start the search before they arrived since her Daughter knew which fire pits she was at. The area had over a dozen fire pits in the area so I picked one and started my search. I had scanned my iPhone before I started to get an idea of the signal I was looking for. On the fourth fire pit I got a signal that sounded like the one I was looking for, with my foot I moved the sand around and out popped her phone, I left my scoop in my truck so I wouldn’t damage the phone.

I called them to give the good news and her Daughter answered and couldn’t believeĀ  I found it. They quickly arrived but Mom didn’t pull into the parking lot and sent her Daughter walking in to pick up the phone so I didn’t ask for a photo op.

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