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Ring Lost On Longboat Key, Recovered By SRARC

SRARC Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service – Tampa Bay Area, Pinellas County, Manatee County & Sarasota County Lost something important? We can HELP! Our services are FREE! Donations to the Club are accepted. We will send a team of metal detector experts to search virtually any location. Some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks and even your own backyard. If you have lost your ring or any other precious item, “Don’t Wait – Call Now.” Derek and Ashley were down from Kansas to get away from the freezing weather. They went out to the beach in front of their resort to enjoy the sun and water. While sitting in the beach chair Ashley flicked her hand and off came her engagement ring. They found SRARC ring finders on the internet and contacted Joe Szemer and he dispatched Mike Miller to the recovery site. In about 3 minutes Mike returned the lost ring to a very happy Derek.