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Lost Gold Grill With Diamonds…Found by Member of The Ring Finders in Lanham, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Barry’s Amazing 18 Karat Gold Grill With Many Diamonds, Recovered and Returned to His Mouth by Item Recovery Specialist Brian Rudolph!

Behind the Mask, Barry Smiles From Ear to Ear Knowing His Mouth’s Sentimental Keepsake Was Back in His Possession After Detectorist Brian Rudolph Saves the Day – Saves the Grill!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

I received a call from a gentleman who desperately needed my help in recovering something very unique and extremely different from my usual ring finding service call. Metal detecting specialists like myself recover all kinds of lost items besides wedding bands and engagement rings. We also find: other jewelry, keys, hearing aids, smartphones, family heirlooms and anything else that has metal on it. However, there’s always a first for everything and this particular search would definitely stand out to be one of those unique recovery stories to share!

Barry was traveling home on a public bus in Lanham, Maryland. Once he reached his stop, he got off the transit vehicle and began walking along the highway. A minute or two into his commute home, he opened up his mouth and hocked a huge loogie into the air and onto the road. Unfortunately, along with the sputum came flying out of his mouth none other than his 18 karat gold teeth grill made with numerous diamonds! It just launched out like a rocket! Barry looked everywhere for his very expensive hip hop style mouth wear, but all of his efforts during that late afternoon search led to no avail. He was really upset.

While looking online for a metal detector rental shop, Barry came across the elite international metal detecting specialist directory called THE RING FINDERS. Instead of renting a detector that the gentleman had no idea how to use, Barry decided to call an expert to help him recover his lost “oral treasure”.

As soon as I got the phone call from my potential client, it started off with a bit of humor. I thought Barry told me that he lost a ring when all along he was trying to say that he lost his “teeth”. It was a funny first encounter with the gentleman because during the first five minutes I was asking Barry questions which in turn I got the most curious of answers based on our misunderstanding. Here are just a few of the many inquiries and responses that took place which made our conversation quite entertaining!

I asked: How did you lose the ring?

Barry answered: I spit and it went flying.

I asked: What is the ring made of?

Barry answered: Gold and diamonds

I asked: How large is the ring?

Barry answered: About the size of one of my fingers.

There were many other inquiries as to what Barry’s situation entailed but this last one above happened to be the question that finally led me to believe that we were having some type of misunderstanding! There was no way that the man wore a ring the size of his finger and he again shared that the object went flying in the air the moment he spit out onto the highway! Too many facts didn’t add up to being a typical ring search!

Eventually I learned that what Barry had actually lost was his gold grill encrusted with diamonds! He went on to share that he had bought the special piece down in Miami Florida over twenty years prior. Not only was the grill an important part of his every day style, but also the gold and diamond covered teeth had cost Barry over $2500 just over two decades previous (client approved this financial disclosure). Now the oral type jewelry was worth a whole lot more money and that made it extremely important for my client to recover his lost property.

The moment that we both got on the same page with exactly the item that the gentleman was needing to find, we set up a time for me to meet Barry out near the spot where his teeth went flying out of his mouth. Within a couple of hours, traveling 52 miles through heavy rush hour traffic, I made it over to the place where we would meet.

Soon after Barry and I shook hands and talked over the game plan for how I would handle the search and recovery project, I gathered up my detecting gear and the two of us walked the sidewalk along the highway towards the search site. When we got there I couldn’t believe how much wreckage and crashed vehicle debris was scattered about on the side of the road and up on the sidewalk. There was a lot of small car parts, random pieces of metal and plenty of broken plastic tail light covers as well. To make matters worse for me, I had to contend with metal detecting around a guardrail that was positioned right in the search zone where Barry believed the grill flew out of his mouth!

All of the conditions that I was faced with out there by the side of the road made it nearly impossible for me to easily metal detect around the sidewalk and in the grass which was located underneath and all around the guardrail off to the side of the road. Even using my small 6 inch detecting coil at the end of my machine barely made a difference in trying to make sense between one piece of metal and another. Yet, I was determined to find Barry’s beloved mouthpiece and have it back over his canines as soon as possible!

By the time I started scanning all over the cemetery of metal that was scattered all around me, it was dark outside and I was using a high lumens headlamp to guide my positioning as I searched for the grill. Barry was near me and he used his phone to keep looking around hoping that one of us would discover the sought after target. After about 5 minutes or so of careful and methodical metal detecting along the edge of the sidewalk about 5 inches into the grass, lying very close to the guardrail, I am very proud to share that Barry witnessed the recovery of his most important material possession! The grill was completely visible and was not hiding under any of the mass blades of dead grass. It just took a detector to pick up on the massive piece of gold encrusted with many diamonds in each of the teeth and a very bright light to hone in on the object that was being targeted!

We did it! Barry’s priceless grill was successfully recovered and returned to his mouth in a matter of minutes after starting the search (I encouraged him to sanitize the piece initially before reentry)! My client was so afraid that his property had ended up in the roadway or in some other place off of the highway where the piece of jewelry would never be seen again! However, as it turned out, the elated man was reunited once more with his golden keepsake of oral armor! I could not have been happier for the guy! After all of the time that Barry had been looking for the grill earlier that afternoon into the evening hours, my client could not believe how quickly I was able to help the man get his gold teeth back where they belonged! The two of us celebrated right there on the sidewalk, high-fiving one another and pump fisting each other’s hands! It really was a very special time indeed to share that victorious moment with Barry!

What started as a bizarre mishap when my client shot out that single wad of phlegm onto the highway, in the end, a fantastic finish was made possible all because Barry found THE RING FINDERS website and reached out to me for immediate help! When the two of us said our goodbyes, Barry’s gold and diamond-filled smile spoke nothing but happiness and much relief knowing that my client’s nightmare was finally over!


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