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Diamond Engagement Ring Lost On Beach Near Santa Monica Pier .. Found and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)




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*** I got a text from Anthony about an gold diamond engagement ring lost at Santa Monica beach near the pier. It was already 8pm almost too late to make the hour drive to that beach. I texted him back saying, it was important to discuss the circumstances of the loss as soon as possible. That beach is heavily hunted by metal detectorists especially on weekends.

We were able to determine the ring was definitely on Maria’s towel. They were on their way home when Maria realized she had not put the engagement ring back on her finger. Many times I will try a search without the people can’t meet me at the beach. The best information he gave me was that they were not sitting on the towel line. probably the most hunted zones on the beach. I told Anthony that our odds would be better if they could meet me tomorrow, Sunday morning and he agreed. 

I was on the beach a day break to start gridding the search area. The Santa Monica  beach crew only pulled a grooming rake with a tractor that morning. Other beaches run their Beach King sifting machine everyday in the summer. 

The ring had not shown after an hour of running a tight grid pattern using the verbal directions given to me on our call last night. Then Anthony and Maria walked up to me on the beach. They pointed out a trash can that they were near. I was almost there but they we’re actually way back from the towel line. I moved over about 10 or 15 yards and shortly after starting a new grid pattern I got the signal. The signal is a solid tone in my headphones that happens when a white gold diamond engagement ring is under my detector coil. And one dig with my sand scoop, revealed Maria’s awesome engagement ring. A happy couple drove home with the ring they thought was lost forever.

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Irreplaceable Gold Pendant Found and Returned at 1000 Steps, Laguna Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)












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**  Roman had been surfing at 1000 Steps Beach in Laguna Beach, CA.. He had taken his gold chain and pendant off before surfing. When he returned to his towel on the beach, he went to put his necklace on. The chain slipped from his fingers and the pendant dropped in the sand. 

Unable to find the small gold pendant, Roman called me for help. When I arrived he told me this was a gift from his parents that they purchased in Italy. It was very important to him and irreplaceable. 

We had a small search area which helped to make it a quick recovery. It was a pleasure to help Roman find this very sentimental keepsake.. On to the next !

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