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Rings Found In South Burlington Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

I got a call at 8:30 last night from a guy who had lost his 2 rings while working in a garden around his pond earlier in the day. I could clearly hear the sadness in his voice, so I asked if I could come right over and search. He said he would appreciate it, so I threw my gear in the car and took off.
When I got there he explained the stories behind the rings. He had recently lost his wife after caring for her in their home for many years. They had been a team since shortly after he got back from Vietnam, and hated to go even a day without his wedding band on. His other onyx ring had a long, interesting story behind it, going back to when he got it from his grandfather before he went in the service, and had even been lost in Vietnam. Both rings were fitting loosely on his finger so a jeweler had bonded them together in an attempt to make them fit tighter, but that hadn’t helped much.
I began the search and unfortunately there were lots of random signals in the soil. Finally I got a good signal from next to the roots of a flower, pushed the pinpointer deep into the mulch under it and found his rings. He was so relieved to have them back! Afterwards, we shared many “battle stories” of taking care of our family members at home (I had also taken care of both my parents at their home for about 10 years). Lots of funny and sad things we both remembered. It was nice to hand the rings back to such a good man and husband.
Got to bed real late, but this hobby is sure worth losing sleep for!

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