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Sylvia Loses Three Diamond Wedding Rings Frantic In Home Search Tacoma WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

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This amazing story started with a call for help from a very stressed and tired couple. Sylvia and Callan reached out to me asking for my assistance in helping them find three missing diamond wedding rings.  We had a very extensive phone conversation and through my interview approach we reconstructed a time line and possible conditions that may guide us to recovery plan. So many great successes have happen when people take the time to open up and share the details of their loss. An open mind always helps when people are willing to be lead though the process as participants rather than bystanders. I tell people all the time the end goal is that your lost item of value is recovered however this may come about. I don’t have to be the one that finds it just allow me to assist you. We put a lot of ideas on the table and figured out where best to put my hands to work where it makes the most since. I told them its a team effort and hopefully by the end of the process we will have found your rings or at the very least have some strong confidence where it isn’t.

Sylvia’s three diamond rings were last seen on on her night stand on Thursday and it came to their attention two days later on Saturday they they were gone no where to be found. After a frantic few days of searching their home they contacted me on Wednesday the 2nd asking for help.

Callan explained his wife had just lost three separate gold wedding rings totaling several carrots in diamonds. I learned Sylvia is in the habit of taking her rings off each night and placing them in a dish on her night stand. When she went to collect her rings a few days later all three rings were missing and no where to be found. I inquired if any external people had access to her apartment. They explained their four year old daughter was at the home when the rings went missing. They had asked her and got mixed answers. It was also told to me that Sylvia had found her rings on the bed before because the young girl had previously played with them. There was no other persons in the apartment. They have a dog that doesn’t get on to things and a cat that may have jumped on to the night stand. We all had our suspicions that the young daughter might have migrated the rings to different places in the home that they had not looked yet. Prior to calling me they went through every inch of her things with not even a single ring found. I said that is odd that you lost all three and have’t even found one yet. I was told before she started lookin for her rings they had been cleaning the house all day. The whole time the daughter was happily at play.

I threw out a lot of typical suggestions to check clothing. They informed me they had already looked over their washer and close dryer. I also inquired about all the house hold garbage. Callan said he had gone through all of it. I pressed him a bit and asked how thorough of an inspection he had made. I was reassured with his military experience and deep drive to find his wife’s expensive wedding ring set he searched every scrap. A short time later in the conversation they had a memory that it might have been possible the kitchen trash was the only bag that was taken outside to the dumpster. They said that was about a week ago and believed it could have already been collected. I tried to reassure them that we needed to remain positive and not think the worst. They still had a lot of area to search within their home and soon there after I would drop by to do an in home inspection. We had schedule the home inspection for the 10th. In the mean time I left them with plenty of tips on how to continue searching and stressed that they had to remain very detailed and concise with their efforts. I left them with the following statement, “I pray God’s hand of protection are upon your rings, that they are still in the home and that we recover all three of them shortly!”

The next morning June 3rd at 8:45 AM I find the following photos on my text message from Callan. 



Callan writes, “Found them in our trash bag at the bottom of our apartment dumpster.”

As soon as I noticed the text message I made a call to get the details. Callan told me that night in his sleep he recalled vacuuming his master bedroom while helping with the house cleaning effort. He remembered hearing three distinct noises being vacuumed up but thought nothing of it at the time and carried on. After the vacuuming the canister vacuum was emptied onto the kitchen trash and then that trash was taken out to the dumpster! When he woke up he went straight outside to to find a completely full trash dumpster He said he trashed a pair of pants and shoes as he made his way to very bottom of the dumpster where he located his kitchen trash bag. He noticed the pet hair and initial located two of the rings fairly quickly, got a bit stressed but found the third after a little more digging through the pet hair. They suspected Sylvia may have been hurried when she placed her rings on the corner of the night sand and possibly not into the dish. There was also some possibility their cat could have jumped onto the night stand as some point batting the rings off the table onto the floor below. As we were speaking on the phone wrapping up our conversation he stopped me to let me know the trash truck had just arrived to empty the dumpster! 

Thank God for answering our prayers and prompting Callan in the middle of the night. We were all so very thankful for the outcome and once again shocked to learn of another set of wedding rings, this time not just one ring but three all being saved within moments of being hauled to the landfill never to have been seen again.

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