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Wedding ring found after front yard search in Holden, Louisiana

  • from New Orleans (Louisiana, United States)

Taylor contacted me back in December asking if I could assist in finding her wedding ring that was lost in her front yard after a night with hanging out by the bonfire with friends and family. I was able to make it out to Holden a few weeks later, however, once I finally arrived at her house, the rain began pouring down and the cold weather didn’t make the situation any better. After searching for about 30 minutes, I decided it would be best to return another day when the conditions were better. Almost two months later I finally was able to return. This time the weather was perfect. I used orange marking flags to meticulously mark every couple foot that I searched so that I don’t keep searching the same area. After clearing the entire front yard, I worked my way across the driveway to the side. Within 5 feet I saw her massive rose gold wedding ring still sitting on top the soil. I was thrilled that through perseverance, we were able to reunite Taylor with her lost wedding ring.

Ring lost 18 months ago found in New Orleans, Louisiana

  • from New Orleans (Louisiana, United States)

I received a text message from Catherine who resides across Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans, LA. She stated that she just recently heard about the RingFinders and was wondered whether we would be able to help her locate her White Gold Amethyst ring she lost in her backyard in August 2021 (18 months ago). She also said that she has since sold the home and we would need permission from the new owners. She received the ring on her 16th birthday from her mother, so the ring was very important and she had possession of it for a long time. She believed her partner may have pressure washed it off of the stairs after she set it down to do some yard work. After looking for around 30 minutes, I accumulated probably over 200 nails and screws. Luckily, I had my magnet to eliminate these quickly so I can focus my Garrett pinpointer on the higher quality targets. I dug out the mulch and rocks in between two posts on the side of the porch. After picking out all the nails with my magnet that came from between the posts, I noticed my pinpointer was still picking up a target. As I moved the dirt to see what the target was, out pops the ring! Finally, after 18 months, Catherine was able to be reunited with her ring.