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Gold Ring Lost in Backyard Landscaping Found .. Irvine, CA.

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*** Mike was trimming heavy shrubbery in the backyard of his Irvine residence. It was almost like a jungle under large trees. After a couple hours his custom gold ring was missing from his finger. He was sure he was wearing it when he started his day. 

He told me this ring was very special to him as it was custom made by a friend. Actually he had had it for years and only recently started wearing it. Now it was probably lost in a place where it looked impossible to find it. He was very upset with himself. Mike found me online and call to ask for information about how my service works. We talked about the circumstance of his loss diring our phone call. I explained how I  can come scan the area with my metal detector. It’s always difficult to know what obstacles that may be present without seeing the location, so I try to avoid giving false hope to someone that is overconfident that a metal detector is going to perform a miracle. 

I do know that a metal detector in the hands of an experienced detectorist is the best tool to find small objects such as rings. Not all metal detectors are capable of finding small objects. There are many variables .. environment,  type of metal, settings on detectors, public or private locations, searching experience, timing ! ! , etc. Many times that I finish searching a possible location of a loss, I can say the item is not there. We call that a closure search.  That will help the person a chance to continue their search in other areas the loss may have happened. Searching for a lost object is a “ process of elimination “.

Mike kept insisting he believed the ring was in a pile of branches that he pruned from the thick brush. I asked him to give me a few minutes to eliminate the upper level that was mostly leaves on the ground. Boom! a couple swings of my metal detector coil revealed Mikes most cherished gold ring.  He was standing right next to me when I reached down to pull the ring out of the leaves. It was my pleasure to meet Mike and help him find his ring.

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Platinum Wedding Ring Lost While Doing Yard Work in Montclair, CA. Found and Returned

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*** Daniel had been doing yard work at his home in Montclair, CA. After a full day of pulling weeds and deposing of unwanted leaves and trash in his dumpster he discovered that his platinum wedding ring was missing from his finger. 

He spent the next day raking places he thought the ring might be but decided it was not going to be an easy find. Besides the possibility of the ring being in the planters or lawn area, it was a strong possibility the ring could be in the dumpster.

Daniel found my contact information while trying to by or rent a metal detector. After calling me and discussing his loss we decided that I could do the search without him taking time off work. 

The loss occurred in the front yard and his wife would be home to show me the general area he had been working. Then if it didn’t show up there, I could scan the dumpster. 

A short time later while doing a scan of the lawn and planters, BOOM ! The ring was found under a inch of fine silt dirt near the planters. I texted his wife. She came out of the house to get the ring and see where it was found.  She immediately did a FaceTime call to Daniel, showing him the ring. Another fun recovery and smiles all around.

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