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Lost Ring Recovery While On My Vacation in Waikiki, Hawaii

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)











*** Stan the Metal Detector Man available to help you find your sentimental keepsakes .. Call or Text  949-500-2136

*** I got a chance to visit my daughter and her husband who has just moved to Waikiki, Hawaii. I only had five days to check out the beach for future metal detecting trips. The last afternoon of my vacation detecting on the beach a man walked up to me asking for help to find a ring his wife dropped into the sand. 

I was able to help them find the ring and tell them about TheRingFinders directory. It was the second best thing that happened on my short vacation. The best thing that happened was that I was able to visit with Joe Au-Franz who is our Ringfinders member for Oahu,Hawaii,

It was a awesome trip and now I’m home available to be able to help people find their valuables in SoCal.. 

I Will Try Anywhere .. Just call or walk up to me if you see me detecting on the beach. I will answer any questions of how this service works. So many people don’t even know this service exists.. Stan   949-500-2236