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Happy Wife, Happy Life

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

It’s not often you get a lost ring call close to home (literally). Unknowingly to me, my wife lost her anniversary ring over 3 months ago. She said it fell between the cushion in our love seat sofa with recliners and a console in between the two seats. If you knew my wife, she doesn’t ask for help for anything and was bound and determined to find it herself. Funny, she told our kids, a friend of hers, but not me (the ring finder guy).  She finally mentioned it to me last night and my first question was why you didn’t tell me. Her response was that she knew where it was and that it would eventually turn up.

Well, today while she was shopping, I got out my endoscope and went to work. I searched all through the sofa on both sides and couldn’t see the ring. Finally, seeing if I might be able to come through the back of the sofa, I lifted one side and moved it. After I got the sofa far enough away from the wall, I looked down on the carpet and saw her ring. Evidently, the ring fell all the way through the cushions. Being a wise guy, I took a picture of the ring and sent her a text saying “Look familiar? I am, The Ring Finder!” I can’t repeat her response, but my reward was a cooked frozen pizza for dinner.

Thanks  Babe!