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Lost Wedding Ring found on Nantucket – Call 508-788-4748

  • from Nantucket (Massachusetts, United States)

“I Lost My Wedding Ring!” He exclaimed. “I took the ring off before I went for a swim. I put it right here in my shoe to keep it safe!” He points at the sand. “When I went to put it back on it was gone and I have done everything to find it. I even borrowed a friend’s metal detector but all I found was a bunch of trash!” 

I assured him, if the ring had been lost in the sand, I would find it.

And boom! Half an hour later, a little further down the beach, there it was! I found his gold wedding ring and returned it fast. another happy day! A happy man! A ring found on the beach.

For help locating anything made of metal: Call or text: 508-788-4553


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Platinum Wedding Ring Lost at the Beach

  • from North Berwick (Maine, United States)

DSC01838 (2)I received a call from Carl saying he lost his ring .  After getting the location  (  deep sand, Ocean beach) and answering a few questions on how he  lost it,  we were sure it was within a 100 sq ft area. He had searched the night before, then called me this morning. I got there around noon and using my Fisher CZ -20, found it within minutes. Carl and his wife were down from  Canada visiting his parents in Kennebunk Me. and leaving the day after he called.  I was glad I could help the young couple.DSC01840