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Minnesota Gold heirloom ring lost Metal detecting scuba dive search

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Austin was up north Minnesota at an area lake enjoying the day with family. They were out on their pontoon enjoying a hot day swimming in a bay when Austin’s gold/diamond ring slipped off his finger and sank down into the weeds, approx. 10 feet deep. This ring was an heirloom from his dad who passed a few years earlier. He searched the internet and found and called me. We knew it was no hurry as the ring would stay exactly where it was lost, and we were struggling to commit to a day as the weather and our schedules were not cooperating. After about a week, we finally set the day and met up at the lake. These searches are very tough going as the weeds are so thick and the muck can be very deep. The search area must be very small when scuba diving at depth in weeds as we cannot cover a lot of real-estate with these obstacles, also the harder you work the faster you use your air. I told Austin it was up to him to remember and put me as close to the spot as possible, even a 20-yard deviation would make the search impossible. We pulled up in the pontoon and anchored, I gave him a junk ring and said toss it in where you believe your ring is. I started my search and found a couple old beer cans and 3 old lures. After approximately an hour of search I got a nice tone hit on my metal detector, sifted through the muck and out popped his ring. I looked up before ascending and I was right below the pontoon. Great job by Austin getting us to the exact point in the middle of a bay!!!

Pics of Austin and his Mother with the ring.

Congrats Austin, glad I could help out :O)


Lost Wedding Ring found on Nantucket – Call 508-788-4748

  • from Nantucket (Massachusetts, United States)

“I Lost My Wedding Ring!” He exclaimed. “I took the ring off before I went for a swim. I put it right here in my shoe to keep it safe!” He points at the sand. “When I went to put it back on it was gone and I have done everything to find it. I even borrowed a friend’s metal detector but all I found was a bunch of trash!” 

I assured him, if the ring had been lost in the sand, I would find it.

And boom! Half an hour later, a little further down the beach, there it was! I found his gold wedding ring and returned it fast. another happy day! A happy man! A ring found on the beach.

For help locating anything made of metal: Call or text: 508-788-4553


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Platinum Wedding Ring Lost at the Beach

  • from North Berwick (Maine, United States)

DSC01838 (2)I received a call from Carl saying he lost his ring .  After getting the location  (  deep sand, Ocean beach) and answering a few questions on how he  lost it,  we were sure it was within a 100 sq ft area. He had searched the night before, then called me this morning. I got there around noon and using my Fisher CZ -20, found it within minutes. Carl and his wife were down from  Canada visiting his parents in Kennebunk Me. and leaving the day after he called.  I was glad I could help the young couple.DSC01840