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Morro Bay and a recovered treasure

  • from Pismo Beach (California, United States)

The sun was up and it was time to head back to the beach wagon, it had been a fine morning on Pismo Beach with one good mood ring and a 7.5 gram 14kt white gold mill grade men’s band I snagged in the surf. As I was getting out of my wet gear the cell went off to let me know there was a message. Upon listing to the message I called Mark who had left it and ask how I could help.

He proceeded to tell me that the day before that he and his family had been on the Morro Bay Strand and he had lost his custom made wedding ring. Apparently he had taken it off and stuck it in his pocket to keep it from getting sandy as he and the kids built sand castles, it was also the same pocket he had his cell phone in. Yea, you can see where this is going…he had pulled the phone out to take pic of the activities not realizing the ring had popped out of his pocket, it was only when they had gotten back to the car that he found that the ring was not in his pocket.

He was determined to find the ring, so when he got back to the vacation rental house the family had for the week he got on line to see where he could rent or buy a detector and found “The Ring Finders” which lead him to me and the call I received the next morning.

I told Mark it was a 50 mile round trip for me and a little gas money would be needed, but that I would do everything I could to recover the ring which as it turned out was a beautiful, one of a kind, mans gold ring with three rather large triangular shaped diamonds. He agreed to spring for some gas and would meet me at the parking lot in about hour and a half.

Once we got together I had him walk the 1/4 mile through the dunes to the water’s edge at the beach with me swinging the coil behind him. Once we got to the shore line I asked him show me where they had build sand castles, then I told him to mark out an area that he felt would cover all the area he had moved around in while there the afternoon before. I thought this was going to be a big search area, but to my surprise he had only been in one area and played in the sand in that one area probably 100′ by 100′, I started searching.

After about 2 min his farther in law who had been there with them the day before came up to me and pointed out exactly where they had placed their beach chairs, the sand was still disturbed there he also pointed out real close to where the sand castle was built at the water edge in front of where the beach chairs had been. The tide had been in & out since then so there was no evidence of where they had been built, only his recollection. I did an adjustment of my search pattern and in less than five min right at the edge of the surf in wet sand I got that tell tail sound as smooth as butter on my Ecal ll that let me know it was something good…yep it was the ring.

The whole family could not believe I had found it until they all had a good look at it and Mark had the biggest smile of them all. Walking in and out of the 1/4 of a mile of soft sand along with finding the ring at the surf’s edge took a total of 45 min “The Ring Finders” one, the beach zero!