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Watch the SeattleRingHunter in action during this in house diamond wedding ring recovery.

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January 2022 Andy reached out to me asking for assistance in searching his home for his fiancé’s lost engagement ring. He explained that a few weeks prior his fiancé had taken her engagement ring off in the front room during dinner. Later that evening when she was getting ready for bed she realized her ring was not on her finger and remembered having taken it off during dinner. No problem she thought, I’ll get it in the morning. Well morning came and the ring was not on the table where she thought she had left it. Of course a full on search through the house was performed by the couple but unfortunately no diamond engagement ring was found. With disappointment they made their way back to the Shane Co. jewelers to consider their options. Well one of the options they had no idea even existed was shared with them by one of the amazing jewelers. The lady told them there was a local guy the SeattleRingHunter that had found one of their previous clients rings lost in a home and that they should give him a call.

After our phone conversation Andy was setup with some additional search tips and an in house search scheduled a few days later. 

After arriving at Andy’s home it was apparent that this was a small space but very warm and tidy. Never be deceived rings are small and can find some of the most interesting hiding places.

Come along with us to see this search in progress and its exciting conclusion. We are happy the very same ring Andy proposed to his lovely fiancé with was recovered and will be with them on their up and coming wedding day.

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