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Lost Ring in Back Yard Lemon Heights Orange County

  • from Orange (California, United States)

“The one that got away, 4 years later the story ends!”

As a RingFinder, we have those calls that you remember well, and some of them stand out because you just couldn’t find the item through your best efforts and it leaves you wondering….
I went out on a Lost Ring call back in 2017 in a very exclusive neighborhood in Lemon Heights, CA, at a beautiful hilltop estate!  The wife contacted me and told me she had lost her wedding ring and was very eloquent about her day and detailed as to what she did and where she went. Two search areas, one inside the family room containing several very thick fur rugs, and the backyard areas.  How hard could it be?
I searched the rugs and around the room using my pin pointer because the detector was picking up every piece of rebar and screw in the wood over concrete floor. No luck.
Going into the backyard was like walking into a part of Disneyland! This place was several acres of landscape, hardscape and pool. She remembered picking up the dog’s poo, so that is always fun to search plastic bags of…  and she played with dog throwing the ball into the pool and it could have come off then?  I searched several hours, every planter, plant, grotto, bush, potted plant, inside the pool, on top of the rock overhangs over the pool area, walkways, steps, you name it. I used three different detectors, my AT-MAX, PinPointer and my PI Machine.  Never found it.
Today, I got a call from her, as she remembered me telling her to call if she ever found it. Well turns out she found it exactly one year later in 2018, but could never find my number because she lost my business card, though I am on she neglected to check there.
Today she found my card, and called.
She found the ring in a filing cabinet one year later, underneath the folders in the bottom of the drawer!  She now remembers that day was very hectic and she had taken off the ring while filing and it must have gotten knocked into the drawer and between the folders!
This was a very expensive ring!  She had waited until 6 months afterwards and filed their only homeowners claim for it, got paid and she had purchased a new ring.  After finding it, she was so filled with regret at filing the claim that she called the insurance company and explained what happened, and ended up having to pay them back in full, lol  She now has two rings, and with calling me as promised, almost 4 years ago now, a clear conscience on doing the right thing, her journey of the ring is complete.  I am so glad to hear that it was not missed by me in my searching and that she was reunited with it.

The one that got away has been found….