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Lost Car Key Fob at Wll Rodgers State Beach, Pacific Palisades, CA… Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)









I received a call from Toni asking for help finding a car key fob that was buried in the sand at Will Rodgers State Beach, Pacific Palisades, CA. . She was with her friend and he had put the key in a plastic baggie, buried it a few inches in the sand underneath the edge of his beach towel. 

The towel was moved which made it difficult to find the key. Now they were stuck with no spare key. They called me and I was just 5 miles away on another search. When I arrived the tow truck was parked in front of of their car. He agreed to wait while Toni took me to area of the loss. 

I set up my equipment to detect a large item. A few swings with the metal detector the plastic bag with the key fob showed up. It was about 2 ft. outside where they had dug through the sand with their hands. 

All was well, the tow truck driver was compensated and everyone went home happy.