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Diamond Wedding Ring Found..!! Toronto,Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call early this morning from Dave about his wife Andrea”s lost diamond wedding ring.

Andrea and Dave had been in a small soccer field attached to a school this morning, working out with their personal trainer Connor in downtown Toronto. Before they began to throw a medicine ball around, Andrea took off all three of her wedding rings and gave them to Connor to put in his pocket. After they were done working out, Connor went to hand back the rings to Andrea but there were now only two rings in his pocket. One of the diamond rings had fallen out somewhere on the field.

They searched for a while with no luck and then found TheRingFinders online which led them to me.
I made it downtown about an hour later and had them re-create what had happened earlier.

After hearing the story I began a grid search and was going well beyond the parameters they gave me as I didn’t want to miss anything. After searching for about an hour and a half going east and west, I decided to start the grid again going north and south. Five minutes in, I got the signal we were looking for. After pinpointing the area and parting the grass, I could see Andrea’s ring standing straight up in the grass with just the thin shank showing.

When I was going east to west, the detector passed right over it because of the way it was sitting. When I went north and south, the detector hit the ring head on. I’m glad we found this when we did. We were running out of field and it was crazy hot here today. I think I lost a few pounds on this search. Lol

I’m really happy I could help out today Andrea.
It was great to see the look on your face when I told you the ring had been found.

That look never gets old ..!!! I love it.

Thank you very much for the nice reward. It’s greatly appreciated and helps me keep doing what I love to do.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Lost Diamond Ring Found..!! Stoney Lake, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

On Thursday I took a call from a very nice lady, Tianna.

She was pretty upset about her diamond ring that had slipped off her finger in twelve feet of water while swimming off of a dock in Stoney Lake.

Tianna had only had the ring for a month or so and was really hoping we could help her recover it.

As I am not a scuba diver, I called on my diving friends Brad and Ryan.

Brad is Ryan’s father and they always dive together.

Brad and Ryan have helped me out in the past and I was hoping they could help me out again.

On Sunday, July 15, Brad and Ryan were able to make it out to Stoney lake where they met with Tianna and her fiancé.

After getting the details from Tianna, they set up a grid underwater and then began the hunt.

In just an hour and a half, Brad and Ryan found the ring for a very happy Tianna.

It is a beautiful ring with several small diamonds surrounding a large champagne centre diamond.

Great job guys…!!!!  You saved the day again..!!

Thank you Tianna for the generous reward for Brad and Ryan.

Really happy we could help you out.

Take care,

Mark Ellis



Gold Signet Ring for 8yr Old found after 3 weeks

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)


Hello from Don & Ellen Wilson in Dallas, Texas.  We got a call today from Mrs Bundy, her 8yr old daughter, Briar, had lost her Gold Signet Ring at the playground of the local Country Club.  We met at the Country Club and began searching the area where the daughter said she saw the ring fly off her hand.  She was playing Queen of the World by standing on top of a picnic table and threw her arm out like she was Queen. The ring came off of her hand and was lost.

After 3 weeks of searching by Briar, her parents, other family members and the Country Club grounds & Management staff everyone had given the ring up for lost.  Mrs Bundy’s sister in New York read an article about  “The Ring Finders” and told Mrs. Bundy she should check the website and see if there was a “Ring Finder in the Dallas area”  She did and found my wife and I.

After about an hour of searching we were about to call it quits when I asked the little girl to get back up on the picnic table and re-inact the event.  She did, then my wife said “no wait, do it again and close your eyes and do it the exact same way”.  Briar did as we requested and did it completely different than she had previously showed us.  This time I saw that it was possible the ring may have  flown in a different area of grass.  We began to detect this area and in 5 minutes the ring showed itself.  I called the little girl and her mother over and asked, ‘is this your ring’?  They were so excited and so grateful.

Another great day in the life of “The Ring Finders in Dallas,Tx”

God I love this hobby!

Don & Ellen

Lost Locket & Gold Chain found! Arlington,Texas

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

We  received a panic call from a young man about 8pm one night saying that his girlfriend had lost the locket and chain he had given her somewhere in his front yard.  He wanted us come that night but we were tied up and promised to come early the next morning.  We arrived around 7am and he explained that he and his girlfriend had been playing around in the front yard when the incident happened. She had placed the item in the pocket of her hoodie prior to playing around.  She was extremely upset with him and he was really upset that he couldn’t find it himself.

We got out our detectors and began scanning and in just 5 minutes or so we got a HIT.  We found the locket and chain. He was shocked and happy and could not thank us enough.

What a thrill to have another successful hunt for “The Ring Finder”.

Don & Ellen Wilson – Carrollton,Texas

Gold wedding band found…!!! Richmond Hill, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

On Friday March 23rd I received a call from Jag about his gold wedding band that he had lost on Thursday.

Jag has just purchased a beautiful new home in Richmond Hill, just north of Toronto and went to look at the house with his children on Thursday.

The house is in a new development which is still under construction and is surrounded by deep mud and a ton of construction materials laying all over the place.


While at the side of his new home, Jag’s shoe sunk into the ankle deep mud and he had to reach down into the mud to extract his shoe and then tried to fling the wet mud of of his hands.

After spending a little more time walking around, Jag and the kids went back home.

Later, Jag noticed that his wedding band was missing and went back to the new property


looking for his ring for hours. He started digging around in the mud and after being unable to find his ring, he conducted a quick internet search which led him to me.

We met this morning, Saturday March 24th, and Jag took me to the new home under construction and showed me the general area where his shoe got stuck in the mud. He then told me about flinging the mud off his hands afterwards which could have thrown the ring anywhere.

After my own shoe sunk ankle deep, I went back to the car to put on my rubber boots and grab my gear. After getting all set up and ready to go, I started walking back to the site with Jag following close behind me.

After years of detecting, you start to develop eyes like a crow… you seem to be hyper alert to all things shiny and items that are round, like coins and rings…..

Well, sure enough, I didn’t even get the chance to turn on my detector.

I spotted the mud covered ring about fifteen

feet away where Jag’s shoe got stuck in the mud. It must have flown off when he shook his hands.

I picked his ring up out of the mud and turned to him and said “Jag, guess what..??? ”

Needless to say, Jag is overjoyed we found his beautiful 18K white and

yellow gold wedding band.

He told me that he hasn’t really slept since he lost it and was worried sick he’d never find it. Well, we found it….

I’m really happy I could help you out today Jag..!!

Enjoy your ring Jag and your beautiful new home.


Take care,

Mark Ellis


Found….Gold Bracelet..!! Milton, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

John called me a few days ago about his gold bracelet he had lost in the fall while cleaning up around his yard.

As the weather has been so nice in and around Toronto, John thought I may be able to come over and

attempt a recovery as we have no snow on the ground, which is unusual for this time of year.

I was able to make it over to John’s house this morning where I met with him and his lovely wife.

John then gave me a tour of both the front and back yards where he had been cleaning up in the fall and pointed out some areas where he thought his bracelet may be hiding. One area was in a cluster of little cedar trees where he had be rearranging some rocks near the front lawn.

I went back to the car to get my gear and get set up while John went back inside the house.

I figured I would eliminate the front yard first as it was much smaller than the

back yard, and started the search in the cluster of cedar trees.

A minute later I had a rough, broken signal that turned out to be a rusted beer cap and then nothing for another minute or so.

Then, a nice, strong, solid signal that had me reaching for my pin-pointer…..

I moved some leaves out of the way and could see part of the bracelet sticking out from underneath a rock. After rolling the rock off to the side, John’s bracelet came into full view.

I brushed some dirt off of the bracelet, made sure it was in one piece and then rang his doorbell.


John’s eyes had a look of disbelief when he looked at his bracelet. What a great moment ..!!  I love this look.

After showing his wife the bracelet, they insisted I have a coffee with them before leaving.

What a great job this is…!!!

I’m very happy you have your bracelet back John..!!!

Thank you very much as well for the nice reward on such a fast locate.

Take care,

Mark Ellis



Lost wedding band found..!! Markham, Ontario

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

A few days ago, I received a call from William F. who told me that he had lost his gold wedding band while raking and bagging leaves around his yard last weekend.  I asked him if had had thrown the bagged leaves out yet and he said no, he had kept them.

I knew then that his ring would probably be a fairly easy and quick locate

I met William at his home in the town of Markham, just north of Toronto this morning and he began showing me the area where he had been cleaning up the leaves from the yard.

He then opened up the garage and showed me the several large, full bags of leaves he had kept in there all week.

We decided to check all the bags first, and if the ring wasn’t located I would then search the lawn.

William handed me one bag and I quickly scanned around the bag and the bottom……nothing.

Bag number two was scanned…..nothing.

Bag three was scanned and then about midway down the bag, a solid, heavy signal. Bingo..!!

I tipped the bag over onto the driveway, spread the leaves around and  pinpointed the target. There was his ring. A large, gold wedding band.  I handed it back to William who was obviously relieved and happy to see his ring again.

The entire search took maybe 90 seconds at the most. That was my second fast recovery in a row. I love these quick finds..!! lol

Too bad they aren’t all like this, but as long as we keep getting the rings back to people, that’s really all that matters.

I’m really glad I could help out today William, and happy you have your ring back on your finger.

William was a bit camera shy, but his ring wasn’t so I have attached a pic of the ring.

Thank you so much for the generous reward on such a quick locate..!!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis



Lost gold ring found in Toronto..!!

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call from Ken on Thursday who told me that he had lost his gold and diamond ring early this spring in his backyard.

Ken was cutting branches and trimming hedges in his yard, and when he was finished, he realized his ring was missing.

He looked all over the yard for it several times and when it didn’t turn up, he assumed it was lost forever.

After thinking about his ring all summer, Ken found me on TheRingFinders, and thought he’d give me a call.

So, I arrived at Ken’s home on Friday morning where I asked him several questions.

He stated that he had recently lost some weight and was well aware that his ring was fitting very loosely, but didn’t want to take the ring off as it’s his wedding ring.

Ken then put me in the most logical place in the backyard where he thought the ring may be and started to walk back into his house.

I turned on my gear and instantly located a rusted , roofing nail. I put it in my pouch and walked two steps and got a very nice signal

that has that unmistakeable sound of a ring. Sure enough, I parted the grass and saw his ring

had obviously been stepped on as it was now pushed in flush with the soil and just the edge of the ring was exposed. I carefully removed his ring and began to walk towards the house just as Ken was entering. I said “Bye Ken I’m leaving now, I’m done for the day” and he just looked at me, confused. I laughed and showed him the ring. He was amazed at how fast the search was, maybe 20 seconds at the most.

He took his ring back and was very happy that it had been recovered.

I wish all my searches only took 20 seconds…!!!

I’m really happy you have your ring back Ken..!!!

Also, thank you very much for the nice reward on such a fast find.

Take care,

Mark Ellis



Found wedding band returned..!! Toronto, Ontario

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I received an email this morning from Richard who was inquiring about my services.

Richard wanted to know if I could possibly help him locate his lost wedding band that he had lost at Downey’s Farmers Market near Toronto.

As soon as I read the name “Downey’s”, a light went off in my head…

A few weeks ago, I was reading the lost and found ads on Kijiji Toronto, and had read that someone had found an inscribed, mans wedding band at Downey’s Farmers Market. I was hoping that this was the same ring so I looked up the ad from a few weeks ago and contacted the individual where I  found out her name is Shannon. She still had the ring so I called Richard and put him in touch with her.  Shortly afterwards, I had heard back that it was actually Richard’s ring that she had.!!! They are both extremely happy…!!  Richard for getting his ring back, and Shannon for being able to help out someone desperate to find their lost ring.

You’re truly a great person Shannon for thinking about someone else’s feelings..!!!

I’m sure Richard would agree with me.

Take care,

Mark Ellis



Lost ring found……again.!!

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I love a good story, and this is a good one…!!!

I had a call last week from a very nice gentleman named Robert.

Robert has a cottage on Sparrow Lake near Gravenhurst Ontario, and he contacted me about his wedding band he lost in the water near his dock.

Last year, Robert was playing with his kids in the water near the dock, and he noticed later that his wedding band was missing.

As he knew it must be in the water around the dock, he went to a local Canadian Tire and bought a French Fry, deep fryer basket to take into the water and attempt to locate his ring by sifting all over the place. After hours in the water with his french fry basket sifting in the area, he actually scooped his ring..!!!

Well, guess what, Robert was playing in the water by the dock again this summer with the kids, and his ring came off again..!!

So, out comes the lucky french fry sifter for the second year in a row…..however, no luck this time.

Robert’s ring has been in the water since early July, sleeping with the fishes.

After getting the details from Robert, I called one of my divers, Brad Newberry who actually lives fairly close to Sparrow lake.

Brad and his diving partner and son, Ryan met with Robert this afternoon and began laying out a grid in the water near the dock.

After entering the water and searching for approximately 45 minutes, Brad and Ryan had located and recovered Robert’s wedding band.  No fry basket required…

Great job Brad and Ryan..!!!  Thank you both for helping me out on this one..!!

Also, Robert, we are all so happy you have your ring back.

Maybe we’ll see you next year…????


Take care,

Mark Ellis