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Olympus Camera Found on Seymour Mountain

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

May 11th 2009 Seymour Mountain Ski Resort /Vancouver BC…

Today I was working up at Seymour Mountain and on my lunch break I was walking around searching the area where the main parking lot is and where they push the snow over the side of the road.

I had no metal detector so I was just eye balling the change and things that was sitting on the top of the snow. I found $17.00 in change and a Olympus camera that had most likely been there in the snow for over two months.

The camera seemed to be in good shape and the reason I know it was there for a few months was that the memory stick fit my camera and the pictures were of this person and friends enjoying the snow in the middle of a snow fall, and that would be a while back!

I’m hoping that person will find me so I can return the camera and memory stick with the photos of friends and good times.

If this is your camera please contact me…

I love my job