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Custom White Gold Wedding Ring Lost in Sand While Viewing Pacific AirShow

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)



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*** Virginia and Her family had gone to the beach to watch the Pacific Air Show. Her husband took his ring off putting it in his pocket. Later that day after returning to their RV camping spot. He discovered his White Gold Wedding ring was not in his pocket. 

He was sure that the ring could have come out of his pocket when he pulled his cellphone from the same pocket. They went back to the same beach for two days but had no success finding the ring. After 5 days and just before they were to return to  Arizona, Virginia called me. She was able to give me verbal directions as to where they had been when the ring may have fallen out of her husband’s pocket. 

I did a hour and a half grid search that evening in the dark to eliminate a large area. That evening I was able to talk to her husband to get his ideas of the area they had been. I sent him a google earth screen shot to show him where I had searched. The next morning with good sunlight which helps to keep a better grid pattern. His directions were a bit clearer. I did find his ring which was only 20 ft. just outside where I had stopped searching the night before. 

A very nice ring and very sentimental to the couple from  Arizona. They were able to return home having a great vacation with a happy ending.

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