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The Ring Finders Metal detecting service helped find a lost gold ring at a Carlsbad beach. Call Curtis Cox 760 889 2751

Here’s another quick search and easy recovery of a lost woman’s gold wedding band in the beach sands.  Megan had lost her ring the night before and contacted me to see if I could help. Fortunately I live nearby Carlsbad Ca, So I met her husband after work hours to the location.

They weren’t really sure when it disappeared just that they parked in the dirt “Turn around” parking lot then walked down the cliff path to the shoreline. Trouble I have experienced with these calls are too & from areas with compact dirt,Pavement & public goers passing by where a Gold ring would shine,be seen and picked up.  Only one of these search areas in the photo below was worth hope or even turning on my Metal detector!

So I had him bring me down to where they hung out for a bit on the dry fluffy beach sand…Well…Sure enough,,,I turned on my machine,,It beeped and with my bare hand scoop I unearthed this precious wedding band. They were very relieved and thankful for my help. This search took less than a minute to find it..But really it just takes one phone call to Curtis Cox 760 889 2751  ((The San Diego metal detector service.)) Member of TheRingFinders.Com