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The Ring Finders service rescued another Precious wedding ring from the mouth of the sea using a waterproof metal detector in San diego, California. CALL 760 889 2751 Curtis Cox

This search & recovery I put high priority not only knowing that it was lost in the hungry Surfline~Ocean but especially with the wave of newbie Pirates learning how to metal detect these days…This could of been forever gone so timing was urgent!

  After communicating with Diana via Email who was on her way back home to Austria. I gave it my all that same night for an hour yet could not find it due to the rising high tide,Angry surf and me between the cliff that was already dangerously bashing against upon arrival so I called it quits.

Early next morning I searched from 5-7:00am scanning every inch of the beach during low tide to no avail. Later in the afternoon through emails I had to update Diana with the unfortunate outcomes. Then I realized she was further North of where I’ve been searching…Which is GREAT news for me ;).  Immediately I bolted back there that evening and swiftly located her precious wedding ring buried nearly 10” deep along the shoreline using my trusty 13 year old metal detector!  I was thrilled afterwards with excitement to get home and let her know her ring is now safe.

  (Below is a testimonial Diana wrote;)

I am deeply impressed with the work you’re doing for silly people who take their most valuable jewelry to the beach. I was in Carlsbad for a work conference and in a break decided to go for a swim at the beach. Luckily I didn’t go too deep in the water as the waves were quite strong but it was enough for loosing my wedding ring. I didn’t notice it until it was time to go back. Searched the sand area like crazy and eventually gave up. 

Next day I went back to the beach to look for it again and a group of people told me about Curtis and his successful ring finding experience. After a couple of emails exchanging details and 2 days later I got the best news that Curtis found it. I got the news a few hours before meeting my husband so luckily I had better news for him. 

We are both very happy that we got the ring back as in our culture this is quite important.