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Large mens Gold Wedding Band Lost & Found On Durley Chine Beach

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Kim & his wife visited the beach one bright sunny afternoon. Swimming around in chest deep water the ring slipped from his finger & was only noticed when returning to the shore. He & his wife had given up any chance of finding it until they read an article in the national newspaper of myself &

Meeting him at the location it had already been many days under the water & our chance of recovery were low I felt. After an hour searching nothing showed & we parted thinking ‘its lost’.

Not wishing to give up I tried one more time meticulousely scanning with the CTX3030 on a wet sand mode even extending the search bounderies we had set. After about two hours, suddenly, just outside one boundary came a faint signal. A scoop or two later a stronger signal until… there it was!

Finding that ‘impossible ring’ is what fuels the desire to not give up too early. Kim & his wife who recently become proud grandparets were delighted to have it back & made a generous donation to the Margaret Green Animal Rescue Charity.