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Platinum Wedding Band Lost at a Local Beach in San Clemente, CA. .. Found and Returned

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****Erick and his family live near San Clemente. They regularly come the this same small beach and everybody knows each other. The week before his friend lost a platinum out in the ocean while surfing.

Erick normally doesn’t take his ring off but this day he decided he didn’t want to lose it in the water. He took his platinum wedding ring off wrapping it in a towel that he place on a large rock. When he returned from the water his ring was not in the towel. He was baffled because he had not moved the towel before checking for his ring.

He was able to call me for help finding his ring with my metal detector. We met in the parking lot. Then he told me he believed it may have been stolen. He wanted to make sure it hadn’t been dropped in the sand. We walked to the large boulder were he put his belongings.

I was afraid that the ring might have fallen into many inaccessible spaces between the breakwater size rocks. This time we were lucky. The ring was under the sand right next the place were the towel had been. We figured that someone may have moved the towel while Erick was surfing. Sometimes we never know what caused the loss. The most important thing is we found and returned the sentimental wedding ring. Erick was elated and very happy that it wasn’t lost forever.

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