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Lost Ring, Canberra, ACT AUSTRALIA Found

  • from Canberra (Australia)

I have joined the International Group “The Ring Finders” in order to help people find those things that were thought to have been lost forever.  “Lost forever” can be changed to “surprisingly found” with the benefit of timely contact and a focused search using up-to-date technical equipment.  So, contact me as soon as possible (time and tide wait for no one). Let’s discuss what you’ve lost and how I might be able to help you.  Regards.

Lost White Gold Wedding Ring In The Sea, Swanage

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Received a call from a rather sad lady whos wedding ring slipped off her finger and into the sea when cleaning her hands. I couldnt make it that day as I was in London dealing with the previous recovery.  I knew the tides were slack and the sand was stable enough to hold the rings location.  The ring was safe there for now and protected by the sea from treasure hunters.  We met this morning and the ring turned up just where she said.  A rather teary eyed Mrs Hollie  Lawrence from London was relieved to say the least and immediately made a kind donation to the air