Ring Found 1 1/2 Year Later in Lexington, Ne

  • from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)

Ring was lost near a small island where boaters anchor and swim.  While climbing up the ladder into the boat, ring caught and nearly pulled owners finger off.   Family and friends spent several hours feeling around with their feet and a couple more hours diving with swim goggles with no luck.

Insurance company contacted me and asked if I would be interested, I was the closest member around and it was a six hour round trip.

First trip out, weather conditions were good, lake was up about a foot from the time the ring was lost.  Spent a little over 20 hours in the water with no luck, other then a few bottle caps, fishing lures, and a little spare change.

Second trip, wind was blowing 20-30 miles per hour and was getting hit by 2-3 ft waves, needless to say after trying for about two hours, it was useless.  Insurance company paid claim and I put this one in the back of my mind.

Because of this summers drought conditions and the fact that the level in this lake is controlled by the utilities district and also used for irrigation.  The level in this lake was going to be dropped 8 feet by labor day.  Watching the water level grid they have on their website, I waited until nearly the lowest point and made a third trip over labor day weekend.

Arriving at the lake I was shocked at how large an area was now dry.   We were able to park and walk to the island, seemed surreal.  We begin searching a grid pattern carefully covering every inch.  I apparently did a good job the first trip because the signals were few and far between.   We were out on the very edge of the area where I couldn’t reach before, I received a nice low tone showing a couple inches down, brushed the sand away with my hand and there it was.  I estimate the ring was probably in six feet of water the first trip and I probably missed it by a couple of feet.  Unfortunately, this is a game of inches.  I turned the ring over to the insurance company and am hopeful the owners were able to work something out to get their original ring back.

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4 Replies to “Ring Found 1 1/2 Year Later in Lexington, Ne”

  1. Mark Rubey says:

    Way to stick with it Tony! Beautiful ring.

    1. Tony Reese says:

      Thanks Mark, one of those things you know it’s there but where, had to go back once I found out they were dropping the water level. Much more favorable conditions, when your not in 4-5 ft of water.

  2. Hopefully they paid you a ‘finders fee’ for your efforst.. Beautiful ring…Good find.

  3. Tony Reese says:

    Yes the insurance company did. But after three trips and about 60 hours between drive search times. I felt that the original deal was a little low. I didn’t, but should have contacted them prior to making the third trip to negotiate. Originally they were going to pay me mileage plus finders fee, all other expenses (lodging, food, gas, etc) I was on my own. I didn’t think they would pay me mileage on this trip, so I figured if I found it I would talk to them then. Well I found it, then haggled with them. They basically doubled the finders fee and subtracted what they had originally paid me for mileage. All in all, I felt it was a fair deal for all. I do plan on contacting the owner to see if they were able work something out with the insurance company. It was a beautiful ring, I wish I would have found it that first trip, would have been more favorable situation for the owner.

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