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Ring lost while brushing snow from windshield, West Omaha, Nebraska

from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)
Contact: 1-402-800-8510

Ahhhh, nothing more vitalizing then fresh fallen snow, until you lose your wedding ring in it.  This ring was lost while clearing snow from a car without gloves.  The combination of cold wet fingers and a little shake was all it took to send it flying.  I assured the owner, that we (Rachel and I) would find her ring and it shouldn’t take us very long.   Shouldn’t was the key work there.

Once we got there, she showed us where her car was parked and went over how it lost.  We started searching, after about 30 minutes, I was a bit puzzled.   We went over the scenario again, the car hadn’t moved and the parking lot hadn’t been plowed. We scanned the most likely area two or three times and now it was time to start looking in the not so obvious places.  While looking under the car parked next to hers, I asked “was this car parked here when you lost your ring.”

She said “No” and pointed to a car a couple spots down.  I walked over to it and started looking at it for places where a ring might end up, when all of a sudden I heard a shriek.  I looked at her and all she could do was point.

Stuck between the back window and trunk was her ring.  Not only did it end up on another car, it also took a trip around town on a few errands.

Lesson learned – Never rule out anything.

Search time: 45 minutes.

Christmas Tree Recycle Lost Ring Omaha Nebraska

from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)
Contact: 1-402-800-8510


Co-worker told me about a post for a ring that was lost when recycling Christmas trees, she passed on my contact information and the owner and I were soon in touch.

Christmas tree was dropped off in a parking lot at a local soccer field.  Due to the unseasonably warm weather on that day, the area was somewhat muddy.   Fast forward to our first look at the area, the tree pile had grown substantially and winter was back in full force.

He described how he had thrown the tree, returned to his car and noticed that his ring was gone.   We pulled about 20-30 trees out of the pile in the area where had tossed his tree. I pulled out my detector and heavy duty sharply pointed metal detecting shovel and figured we’d take a quick look.  The first promising signal, I took the shovel and with quite a bit of force hit the ground.  I think I managed to chip about 1/8 inch of frozen solid mud.  Unfortunately, with the number of trees and ground conditions, finding it at this time wasn’t going to happen

In the next couple weeks, I drove by numerous times and stopped on a Saturday to take a look when we had a warm spell again.   No luck, couple weeks later all the trees were finally gone and the weather was as warm as it was going to get for a while, it was time.

When we got there the parking lot gates were now shut and parking was limited to side of the street.  I left my shovel in the truck thinking we would just look at surface targets.  After about half hour, I found a good signal,  Rachel swept some pine needles away and some loose dirt.  You could see the golden edge of a ring!   While I walked back to the truck to get the shovel Rachel, without much success, tried to dig it out with her fingers.

Once back to the truck I texted a picture of the ring with “I hope this looks familiar.”   I received a phone call in short order and decided we would drop it off at his workplace (Starbucks.)

Total search time: 2 hrs (several trips and weeks apart.)  Reward Accepted – two coffees!

Rachel trying to dig ring out.

Edge of ring in frozen ground.

Tree pile and conditions when lost


Sand volleyball ring recovered, Omaha Nebraska (seems familiar.)

from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)
Contact: 1-402-800-8510

Ring was lost playing volleyball during league night.

Search time: About 20 minutes

Sand volleyball ring recovered Omaha Nebraska

from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)
Contact: 1-402-800-8510

Sand volleyball courts are usually nice to places to locate lost rings.  Nice soft sand that is easy to dig but also easy to see where you’ve walked and already detected.   I knew this one was going to be different when I put on my headphones and turned on my detector.  I was getting constant chatter through my headphones making the detector totally useless.

After about 15 minutes of changing settings to no avail, I decided I was going to come back with an arsenal of detectors to see if any of them would have better luck.

Walking off the court, I caught a glimpse of a shimmering gold ring next to the sidewalk!  I walked back into the bar and spoke with the bartenders, one of which was working the night it was lost.  I called and talked to the ring owner about arranging a time to return the ring.  Due to schedule and locations, it would simply be more convenient for him, if I left the ring with the bartenders.   All I asked is that they, text me a picture when he picked it up.

Search time: 20 minutes


Ring recovered from lakefront Plattsmouth Nebraska

from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)
Contact: 1-402-800-8510

Owner was carrying a small dog that manged to catch and break necklace that was holding the ring.  It was a relatively small area but contained a lot of interference from other metal objects.  Was able to locate ring near a wooden walkway.   Happy to return this beautiful ring to a woman that has a very contagious smile!

Search time: 30 minutes

Ring lost while gardening Omaha Nebraska

from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)
Contact: 1-402-800-8510

Ring was lost while pulling weeds and throwing them behind her back.  Owner searched for hours but no luck. This was a very small well defined area.  Rings will often end up either not as far or in a direction you would least expect.

Because she was throwing the weeds behind her, that was the logical place to start.  This ring was found about 5 ft to the right of where she was standing.

First look, undisturbed.

Pulled ring out for better picture.

Ring found in Snowy Elmwood Park, Omaha NE

from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)
Contact: 1-402-800-8510

Ring was lost during an excursion in a local park.  Owner and friends searched but due to snow couldn’t locate it.

Search Time: 15 minutes

Class Ring found after 40 years, Elkhorn Nebraska

from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)
Contact: 1-402-800-8510

We received a phone call from Mark asking if we would be interested in looking for a class ring that was lost in 1976.  It was lost on the family farm while throwing tires away from an outbuilding that was on fire.

Challenge Accepted!

The farm is actually one we have driven by numerous times, the LP tank is painted like a large watermelon.   Mark walked us to the area where he thought the building stood at the time.  When you’re looking at a large general area, I’ve found it beneficial to set up a grid of string to make sure we cover every inch.

Most people are very interested at first when you start finding targets.  Once they realize how much  trashy metal is in the ground the anticipation quickly subsides.  I would call him over when we found more interesting bits of twisted metal.

Once we started digging melted chunks of aluminum we knew were in the right spot.  We moved our grid out a little further.  It was probably 10 minutes after we moved, when I came across a good signal.   I dug down about 3 inches and out popped his ring.  I looked up and noticed Mark was over by his truck talking on his phone.  I then looked at Rachel, who was intently digging on another target.  I managed to get her attention and whispered, “Rachel I just found his ring.”   She immediately came over to take a look.  In the meantime, Mark also noticed that we were both looking at something.   I called over to him as I had done a couple times previously, “Mark come and take a look at this, it’s kind of interesting.”

The ring, somewhat hidden in a ball of mud, was a bit hard to see at first.  Once he saw it, the emotion swept over him.  I then received the biggest bear hug ever (even bigger then grandma’s.)

Total search time about 2 hours + 40 years.

Ring recovered from North Bend Nebraska lake

from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)
Contact: 1-402-800-8510

This was not the owner of the ring but a great smile none the less.  Ring was on towel and lost when towel was shaken to remove sand.  Search time: 20 mins

Ring lost sand volleyball court – Omaha, NE

from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)
Contact: 1-402-800-8510

Another ring lost during sand volleyball. Search time: 15 min