Tom Caldie recovers engagement and wedding ring set!

  • from Green Bay (Wisconsin, United States)

Ryan and Krissy contacted me about her wedding band and engagement ring set that was lost in a ditch off of a bike trail near Combined Locks, WI.   It was getting late in the day, so I speedily loaded my metal detecting gear and brought  several  headlamps just in case the sun went down before we could find it.  Krissy had accidently driven off the trail into a steep, rocky and woody ditch.  She was lucky not to be hurt.   In throwing out her arms to break her fall, the ring set went flying into the brush.   I started the couple and their two kids hunting near the trail in case it had fallen off there and I started a pattern in the woody bank.  It always helps to have more people looking, so I bring extra gear for helpers!  After moving aside the branches from a fallen sapling, I heard a signal and saw the ring set sparkling in some leaves.   Luckily, our search ended in smiles! 

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