Irreplaceable wedding ring set recovered!

  • from Green Bay (Wisconsin, United States)

Shortly after the Memorial Day weekend, I received an email from Faye asking if I could possibly find her wedding ring.  She had attended a picnic at her boss’s home and lost the ring there.     We set up a date for June 7th after work, and I drove to about 45 miles to the site and met her there.    The yard was large, the sun was hot, but the grass was only about 4 inches long, which made my sweeps easier.  I gridded and criss-crossed the areas where Faye had been, but her face grew longer as the search went on.  Finally, 58 minutes into it, I swept the final few square yards near the exit gate and my AT Pro rang it out loud and clear!   She couldn’t believe it, and her smile was huge!   Looking at the ring set, especially when I expected a plain band, showed why.  It’s an irreplaceable work of art!