Ring Lost Off Seawall In St. Pete Found And Returned

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

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Ring Lost Off Seawall In St. Pete Found And Returned

Newlywed Bill Gandy was out by his sea wall when his wedding ring slid right off his finger, bouncing off the wall and PLUNK right in the water. Bill tried wading in the murky water to try and find his ring and after a short while realized it was futile. After a google search for lost rings recovered in the St. Pete Beach area and metal detectors, Bill found team leader Stan Flack’s phone number and gave him a call. After gathering some information and an address, Stan passed the information on to team member and dock specialist, Joe Szemer. Joe spoke with Bill and made the short drive over to his house meeting up with Bill’s wife. After about 20 minutes of searching, Joe got a signal in one of Bill’s footsteps from his early attempt and sure enough there was Bill’s ring. A very happy Mrs. Gandy was pretty happy to have his ring back. He had only had it for a week and they feared it was certainly long gone. Great work Joe. Those canals and docks are very tricky.

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