Gold Wedding Ring Found by Member of TheRingFinders Service - Orange County California

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*** George’s wife called me asking for help finding his  gold wedding ring. He had worn this ring for over 30 years and had never lost it. Today it came off his finger while brushing sand off his leg at San Clemente Beach, CA. 

I assured them I could find the ring if they could secure the area and wait at the site. There was a possibility that they could not stay at the location because of previous reservations. I agreed to get on the road right away. Understanding that they may have to leave the site before I arrived. 

Traffic was not bad which made my drive time about 30 minutes. When I arrived a car was pulling out of a front row parking place,  which was a miracle. George’s wife was in the parking lot to direct me where George was waiting for me.

The beach was crowded but he had secured the 20’x20’ area. As I started my grid search there were no metal signal, then I got a good signal that sounded deep. Usually a fresh dropped ring isn’t very deep. This was a heavy ring more than  a foot deep in the very soft sand. It is most likely that the ring dropped deeper as they dug in the sand with their hands.

The whole family was relieved and surprised after we retrieved the ring. Before finding TheRingFinders service George had thoughts about returning the next day with sand sifting equipment. This can also be a waste of time for many reasons. It is real common to get to a search where the people had spent hours/days searching with sifting equipment and borrowed or rented metal detectors. Often the ring or piece of jewelry is just missed because of poor equipment . An experienced person with a professional metal detector can usually find the missing article. If it’s there we can find it.

I am here to help you find your sentimental lost metal object.. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “  .. Feel free to call to ask any questions about how this service works.. Stan .. 949-500-2136



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