Custom Gold Wedding Ring Lost in SoCal Surf .. Found at 2:30am Low Tide

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)










Lost a Ring at a SoCal Beach in the water or dry sand .. Call the Metal Detector Man .. 949-500-2136

*** Mike and his family are visiting Newport Beach, CA. from Canada. He was in waist deep water when he felt his ring slip off his finger. 

He found my contact information on line, calling me for information on how the metal detecting service works. I gave him a short explanation of how we can work with the low tide as he was in the water at high tide. I did come to scan the upper dry sand just to eliminate that possibility. 

The best low tide was at 2 am in the morning. I used photos Mike sent me get landmarks that would narrow the search area. I arrived before low tide as this is a beach that is heavily hunted by other detectorists. It took about 45 minutes of thoroughly grid searching the low tide zone till I found Mike’s ring. 

I contacted him the next morning with the good news. I was able to deliver the ring to him as he was staying in a hotel and he had been using Uber to get around town ..  I can’t always guarantee a recovery in the water as sand conditions can vary and many times people lose rings I deeper water. I this case we had a successful recovery because we tried. Conditions were perfect.


If you need help call ASAP .. Timing is important… Stan the Metal Detector Man .. 949-500-2136

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