Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Huntington Beach, CA… Found in Neighborhood Tot-Lot

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*** Asha called me from her home in Huntington Beach, CA. asking for help to find her gold diamond wedding ring. She had been to the neighborhood park with her daughter. They spent most their time at the children’s tot-lot, then walked a couple blocks to her home, where she noticed her wedding ring was no longer on her finger.

I was able to meet her at the park where we started to grid search the sand in the play area. She had an idea of where the ring may have slipped off her finger, but she didn’t really feel the ring leave her finger. It could be anywhere between her home and the sandy play area. After about a half hour, I was running out of area in the sandy lot, the best place for the ring to hide. I could see Asha and her friend losing hope that I could find the ring. Then the magic happened, I got a great tone in the head set of my detector. One scoop with my sifter and there in the bottom was Asha’s diamond ring.. 

Can’t describe the happiness I saw. It was getting a little tense after more than 30 minutes digging pull tabs and bottle caps. It was a pleasure to meet Asha and help her to recover her ring.

I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “  Don’t wait call now!  Stan ..  949-500-2136

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