Unbelievable Gold Earring Recovery near a Firepit at Huntington State Beach, CA.

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*** Jeremy and his wife had been at Huntington State Beach sitting around the firepits the night before calling me. His wife had lost a gold earring in the sand near the firepit. It was a very special hierloom passed down to her from her grandmother. I was at the general location before Jeremy showed up and I could see a guy detecting the firepits.

Jeremy arrived about 10 minutes later. We walked out to the firepit where the loss occurred. I could see that the other detectorist had already worked this firepit area. Jeremy marked a 15’x 15’ zone that he believed the gold earring should be. Beginning to swing my 11” coil set up on my Equinox metal detector,  I knew there was a lot of trash metal in this location. It would be better to get my other detector with the 6” coil. 

I asked Jeremy to go ask the other detectorist if he had found the earring and he had not found the earring. I went back to my car to get the better detector for this trashy area. I also brought a small hand sand sifter to use up close to the cement firepit that is reinforced with iron rebar. If the earring was close to the firepit, the rebar might mask the possibility of getting a signal from my detector.

You won’t believe what happened after I got back to continue the search. Jeremy had a rake that a camper had lent him. I told him the rake was a waste of time for a small earring. It would be more helpful if he could use the small hand sifter to pull the sand away from the rebar cement firepit. 

Then I gave him a demonstration of how to use it. I took two short scoops with the scoop and the miracle happened. “BOOM “ there in the scoop was the gold earring. Exactly on the opposite side of the firepit where he believed the loss had happened. 

Unbelievable!! This was completely unexpected and I’m starting to get used to these types of recoveries. The best thing about it was Jeremy could return to the hotel to surprise his wife.


Don’t wait, call as soon as possible… Stan the Metal Detector Man …  949-500-2136  .. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “..

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  1. Matthew Fry says:

    All of our tools are sometime used in these recoveries. Great Job!
    TRF Myrtle Beach, SC.

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