Lost Gold Ring in Sand Playing Beach Volleyball.. Newport Beach, CA.

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… Most people that play volleyball often do not wear jewelry. What usually happens is they lose their ring the one time they forget to take off before playing. Sometimes they feel it come off but that doesn’t mean they can find it in the sand without experienced help.

Ava was playing volleyball on the sand with her friends at Newport Beach, CA. She felt her ring fly off her finger into the sand. She and her friends spent a couple hours crawling through the sand searching for her sentimental gold ring.

Somebody on the beach recommended that they search google for a metal detector specialist. 

They contacted me and I was able to meet them at the location shortly after talking to them. Parking was not a problem so I walked a short distance to meet Ava. I wish all searches were this easy. After setting up my detector, I was recovered the ring on the second grid line about 4” deep in the dry sand. Quick and easy but it’s surprising how many people give up on finding small metallic items lost in the sand.

Ava and her friends were surprised that it was found exactly where they had spent so much time digging through the sands. 

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