Lost Rose Gold Wedding Rings Found in Sand .. San Clemente, CA.. Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)












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When Cindy and her family went to Ponce Beach in San Clemente on a Sunday afternoon, Cindy put her rose gold wedding ring set in the pocket of her shorts for safekeeping. After returning home that afternoon she discovered the rings were not in her shorts pocket.

Her and the family returned to the beach later that evening attempting to find the rings in the sand. There were several places that the rings could have fallen out of the pocket but the most likely was at the beach where she had taken off her shorts to go swimming.

Monday afternoon Cindy contacted me, asking for help. She said that either her husband or herself could meet me the next morning to show me the location. After discussing the location, I felt I could go by myself with the screen shot photo Cindy had marked and sent to my phone. I know how difficult it is for a mother with two young children to leave the house and why should her husband lose part of a days work. Time is important especially in public places.

Ponce Beach is about 20 miles drive for me and I was there an hour after talking to Cindy. Walking to the marked location she had given me, I could see finger drag marks in the sand. It only took a short time to find the two beautiful rings. We were lucky that this beach doesn’t have daily beach sifting machines. Also, that the rings were hiding in sand and not in plain site in the parking lot.  I was able to call Cindy and I drove closer to where they live to return the rings that same evening.

”I Will Try Anywhere”