Angry Wife Throws Wedding Ring .. Anaheim, CA. .. Found in Grass

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Bill called me Sunday evening asking me if I could help him find a diamond wedding ring lost in his backyard grass.
I told him I could come that night if he couldn’t wait till tomorrow. We agreed to meet early the next morning.

When I arrived we walked into the backyard, where there was a metal detector and two rakes that Bill had used to unsuccessfully search for the ring. He was frustrated that he couldn’t find it. When I asked how the ring was lost, he told me that his wife had actually thrown the ring in a moment of anger. I told him that this happens more than people know. It’s looking like one out 10 calls I get are rings that were thrown.

After setting up a grid search the ring was located deep in the 3 inches of grass completely out of site. It must have been stepped on while searching. Even raking the grass didn’t pull it up.

I think Bill was a little embarrassed that this had happened. I just consoled him that ” This Happens More than People Know”

It was a good feeling to help him find the ring.