Platinum wedding band lost on Repulse Bay HK

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I was contacted on Sunday evening 23rd September , by Shahrin who had found my contact details on the ring finders website .

Shahrin was on holiday in HK for a few days before flying home to Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday evening , and had lost his Platinum wedding ring whilst changing into swimming shorts that afternoon on the beach at Repulse bay HK , he said he had spent ages sifting through the fine sand with his fingers but gave up and went back to his hotel, and contacted me via Ring finders  , Shahrin described the location he thought he lost his ring was under a tree near one of the lifeguard towers , I know this beach very well and told him I knew exactly where he was describing , we agreed to meet on the beach early the following morning .

I arrived around 0730 and met with Shahrin at the lost rings location , first couple of swings and my ATPro detector located a target registering 56 on the meter , first scoop and I had a Platinum ring in my sand scoop , I handed it to Shahrin and he confirmed it was his ring , which he promptly put back on his finger , he was so overjoyed that he had been reunited with his precious ring .

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  1. Clare Cunningham says:

    Hi we were at Repulse Bay beach yesterday and my husband lost his wedding ring… well actually it was me, I dropped it on the sand. It was dark when we left but we spent time trying to find it with our phone lights.

    1. Chris Turner says:

      Please go to and find a member nearest your location…Good luck!

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