FOUND Platinum Band Hiding in the Grass in Riverside, CA

  • from Corona (California, United States)

Did you just lose a piece of jewelry and you know approximately where it was lost? Get a hold of me right away: Ron 951-415-6007! I received a text message from Chris who said he lost his platinum band somewhere in his back yard last night. After an argument, he threw his and his partner’s rings across the back yard. They found his partner’s, but not his. They went out and bought an inexpensive metal detector, but realized it was more complicated than they expected. So he found me on and asked if I could help. I was there within the hour.

When I arrived I had him show me where he was standing when he threw the rings. I then got my “test” ring, a man’s band that is attached to a long length of string, and had Chris throw it like he did last night. After about fifteen minutes of searching the area where the “test” ring landed, which was also the area the other ring was found, I was coming up empty. So I backtracked to where Chris had been standing when he threw them and started my search again. Maybe ten seconds in and BAM, there it was, laying in the grass, maybe a foot away from where he had been. Chris was much relieved and very thankful.

It is such a good feeling to see that expression of relief on their faces when you’re able to find that item…that’s what it’s all about. Don’t wait! Call me!

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