Lost ring. Nags Head, North Carolina

  • from Newport News (Virginia, United States)

Amy called me the weekend before Memorial Day and said she lost a Diamond ring that her Grandmother gave her while starting their vacation on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I was the closest person on the Ring finders site and wasn’t sure about traveling the 110 miles to look for a ring. Since Memorial Day was coming up I told her my wife and I could come down on Saturday morning and look for it.  She was so happy we were coming. After we got there she told me she was feeding the birds on the 3rd floor deck and the ring had slipped off her finger into the bushes below. She showed us the area that they had been looking in all week for the ring. She had not told her Grandmother yet and was hopeful we could help. We got our gear out and started looking. The bushes were thorny and thick. It was hard to swing a detector in them. I put my detector aside and started using my pinpointer through the bushes and not even 5 minutes had gone by and I felt the vibration and saw the glint of gold and diamond. I picked it up and I walked around the corner of the house where Amy was standing and with a smile on my face handed her the ring she had lost. She was so happy and we were happy we decided to come down and look for it. I always love the look on peoples faces when we find what they lost.