Wedding ring recovered after 25 years in a lake.

  • from Lincoln (Nebraska, United States)

Bill and Brita were celebrating the day before their 1997 wedding with friends and family that included fun in the farm lake. Cousins were riding horses in the lake and Brita was playing with a friend. She felt her ring come off. They all searched for it, it was even metal detected by a few people.  I was challenged 25 years later to recover it. After lots of questions,  looking at land marks and comparing them to pictures that day I decided it was time to try because of the dry year and lower water levels and the cold weather was about to move in. I realized I was dealing with 2-3 feet of muck, silt and debris. My conventional metal detector was not going to work. I duct taped my pinpointer to a broom handle and begin to probe. Many trips to the lake probing finally revealed a target 26 inches under muck and 3 inches into the original lake bed. I was so honored to give Bill the wedding ring back which he gave to his wife of 25 years last week for her birthday.  She now wears her engagement ring for the first time after being married.



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