White & Yellow Gold Wedding Band Lost & Found On Southbourne Beach

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Mr & Mrs Peter Munsie from Bristol were enjoying their holiday by visiting Southbourne Beach with their children. Like many careful people they placed their valuables in items of clothing etc and on this occasion Peters Wedding ring was placed through the watch strap.
Later when the watch was taken from the bag the ring slipped off in the process and dropped somewhere into the soft sand.
I received the call from Peters wife Jo explaining the situation but I was still at work at the airport. It would take a few hours to travel back home, grab my kit and travel all the way back again. Southbourne beach is regularly visited by beach combers so it was important to get there before them. I managed to borrow an old C-Scope from a friend who lived near the airport so as I finished work I got the detector, met the couple and found the ring within a minute or two.
Peter and Jo were very very pleased to get the ring back and have promised to make a generous donation to the Margaret Green Animal Rescue Centersecuredownload (4)securedownload.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go on the recovery with a detector that you don’t use normally…

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