White Gold Wedding Ring Lost & Found On Swanage Beach

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Day trippers to Swanage, Mr & Mrs Rob Evans had enjoyed the day playing with their children on Swanage Beach. Skinny dipping in the sea, building sand castles and playing catch are the biggest causes, I’ve found, to losing jewelry on the beach.

I had received the phone call from Rob after he had found me on The Ring Finders earlier that day. Unfortunately I was out of town on another ring job and wouldn’t be able to make it until the early evening. We met that evening and I was given a run down of where the family had been so we could assess the search area. Unfortunately there was a possibility it could now be under the advancing tide- not a problem but makes things more difficult!

The beach was unusually high in trash due to the storms turning things up. After about an hour I was beginning to consider ‘plan B’ when I received a strange ‘mixed’ signal from the Minelab CTX3030. I recall receiving it earlier and ignored it thinking it was foil. I even said to Rob as I used the sand scoop “don’t get your hopes up its’s probably trash”! Relieved, though a little embarrassed, there at the bottom of the scoop lay the white gold engraved ring AND a large rusty screw!!IMG_1265IMG_1267

A very grateful Mr Evans contacted the air ambulance and made an extremely generous donation. Thanks Rob!

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great to see you out there helping people again! Nice recovery Richard…Happy Hunting!

  2. Richard, seems you have been busy. Those searches involving two different targets are really difficult. Great results.

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